The last few years marked the emerging of tablet as a device, which chalk out the perfect balance between laptops and smartphones. Many experts define tablet as a portable notebook, which is created on a mobile operating system platform.

If technology continues to evolve at this pace, then we will be able to see tablets with many more exciting features. This means that tablets may sideline laptops to a bigger extend in the future. It might not come as a surprise to you when we claim that tablets are a lot better than smartphones at present. If you don’t agree with us, then take a look at these few points.

Tablets are Less Expensive

One of the major advantages of buying a tablet rather than settling for a smartphone is that tablets are a lot more affordable. This means that tablets offer the same features of a smartphone at a comparatively low price. So, if you were planning to cut cost while buying a device, then buying a tablet would be the ideal choice.

Better in Watching Movies

If you are a movie lover, then you will be planning to watch a number of movies and TV shows on your “mobile” device. A smaller screened smartphone might take away the fun of movie watching and it might even make the whole process annoying. On the other hand, the high-resolution screen of a tablet will always ensure a better viewing experience.

Better Battery Life

Battery life is one the major reasons that make a tablet far superior than any smartphone. Many studies have revealed that the tablets offer a better battery life than most laptops. So, if you are a user who wants a better battery life on your device, then you should certainly buy a tablet.

Better Gaming Experience

If you are a user, who loves to play high definition games on his device, then you should definitely buy a tablet rather than choosing a smartphone. This is because a small screen will not able to deliver an incredible gaming experience to you. On the other hand, tablets have the capability to offer brilliant graphics and a better gaming experience.

Better In Reading Books

Another major advantage of tablets over smartphones is that they allow users to read novels, eBooks, and fully fledged articles in a relaxed and comfortable way. You will certainly find it hard to read a novel on a smartphone with smaller screen.

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