Many best low cost tablets are powered by the Android operating system and you turn on the device by pressing the power button. At times though, you may not be able to turn on your device by pressing the power button.

This does not mean that the device is broken, as most users think. There are ways to bring back the Android tablet to life when in such a condition. Although the issue can sometimes be caused due to hardware damage, a software problem is the culprit most of the times. If it were a software issue, work out the below given steps to fix the problem.

Charge the Tablet for Some Time

If the battery of your Android tablet is almost dead, the device may warn you about the empty battery. However, if the battery is completely dead, the tablet will not respond when you press the Power button. If this is the cause of your tablet not powering on, then you need to plug the tablet to a wall charger and allow the battery to get charged.

Yet make sure not to turn on the device after plugging it in. Wait for a few minutes for the battery to get charged, and then turn the device on. It will be even better to allow the device to charge for about fifteen minutes before you turn it on.

Long-Press the Power Button or Pull the Battery Out

Like any other operating system, the Android operating system can also hard freeze and refuse to respond. You device may be powered on but the display will not turn on if the OS is frozen, as it will not respond to button presses. In such situations, you will need to do a hard reset or Power cycle.

Hard reset will cut the power to the tablet forcing the device to shut down. If the battery of your tablet is removable, remove it to turn off the device. After removing the battery, wait for a few seconds before inserting the battery back in.

If the battery of your tablet is not removable, long press the Power button to turn it off. You may have to press the Power button for more than ten seconds to turn off the device. After turning off the device, you can turn it on to fix the hard freezes.

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