Many best low cost tablet dealers offer iPad rentals, as the devices are in much demand these days. If you are planning to conduct an event and are in need of iPads, opting for tablet rentals would be the best quick alternative for you.

You can use iPads in your event to increase interaction, engagement, and productivity. The tips to use iPads in your event are discussed below. Read below to make your next event interesting and engaging.

For Event Registration and Check-Ins

You can use iPads to set up a paperless check-in for your event. The staff at the event can make use of any one of the many event registration apps that can be downloaded for free from the App Store and make the guests sign quickly on iPads.

In fact, this paperless, eco friendly option can be easily implemented on any event. You may also load a custom registration app on the iPad for self check-in of the clients. This will be a more feasible option of you do not have much staff for the event.

Mobile POS Systems

iPad point of sale systems will help you to accept mobile payments from anywhere. This means that setting up a mobile POS system will help you to streamline the sales at the event.

You just need to add inventory, making use of the touchscreen of the device and the use a magnetic strip reader to accept payments from credit cards. You can then email the receipt to the buyer or print it on site from a printer.

If you need only a simple setup, you can use a PayPal card reader that can be connected to the audio jack of an iPad.

Slide Sharing and Audience Q&A

If you wish to transform the live meetings of your company into a dynamic experience, you can incorporate interactive polling, slide sharing and live surveys into it. This can help you improve interaction and retention dramatically.

Using this kind of audience response software will also offer you post event analytics, which can be used to learn and improve your business.

Custom Kiosks for Surveys and Lead Capture

You may setup a customized iPad kiosk to attract your guests. The kiosk can be used to get guest details and to display important details at key areas of the event venue. Event registration, lead surveys, brochures, and games are just a few of the ways to put iPads to good use.

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