Most of the Android tablets have a simple interface and they are easier to use. This is one of the major reasons for the wide popularity of Android devices. The Android operating system in your tablet allows you to perform a number of tasks such as watching movies, playing games, accessing social media platforms, and to connect with your friends and family.

However many Android users might be wondering on how to make the most of your device. If you were new to the world of Android tablets, the simple tips shared below will help you make the device a lot more enjoyable to use.

Set Up Google Now

Google Now acts just like your personal assistant and it helps you to perform of a number of tasks with ease. Google Now helps you to get personalized notifications on your favorite sports team, stocks and a lot more. Select the Google app in your tablet and tap the option Get Google Now. You will then have to fill in your preference, and you are good to go.

Use Launchers and Lock Screen Replacements

Are you tired of watching the same Weather widget icon on your device daily? Why not change the interface of your Android tablet and make it a lot more user friendly and attractive? Just download a launcher and other lock screen replacements from your Google Play Store, and start exploring.

Enable Power Savings Mode

Enabling the Power Savings Mode in your tablet is the simplest and most efficient way to preserve the battery life of your device. So, go to the Settings menu of your tablet and turn on the Power Savings Mode. However, it is important to note that some Android tablets do not have a battery-saving mode.

Get an Extra Battery

It is a fact that all tablets and smartphones run out of charge eventually. Most of the Android tablets come with removable backs, which mean that you can replace the old battery and replace it with a new one as and when needed. However, you could also purchase an external power bank to charge your tablet.

Organize Apps

Organizing the apps in your tablet into folders will help you to keep the home screen of your device neat and clean. This will also significantly reduce the cluttering of the apps and make it a lot much easier for you to find the apps. You can even install an organizer app to sort the apps in your tablet as per different categories.

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