One of the major issues faced by Android tablet users is that their internal storage memory runs out at a rapid pace. This means that you will not be able to download and install any more apps, and in some instances, the device even prevents you from capturing an image or record a video.

If you are having insufficient storage space problems on your tablet, then clearing the junk files and cache might have become a weekly or daily ritual for you. However, clearing the junk files and cache is just a temporary solution and now it is time to adapt a different set of strategies.

Here are a few tips to help you free up the internal storage memory of your Android tablet.

Saving Files to External SD Card

It is a fact that we store a fair amount of videos and images on the internal storage memory of our device. We may plan to move them to our external memory card, but in most cases, we don’t. You can effectively solve this problem by going to the camera app, and set your external memory card as the default storage memory.

Media Intensive Apps

We all love to download a number of applications on our tablet, and many of us listen to podcasts through our device. However, many users are not aware of the fact that the downloaded podcasts can eat up a lot of the internal memory space. You can save a lot of your internal memory space by moving these media intensive apps to your external memory card.

Uninstall Unused Apps

Almost all tablet users have a tendency to download and install a number of apps on their devices. It is significant to note that installing a lot of apps on your tablet can slow down the speed of your tablet and it might even affect the performance of your device. So, make sure to remove unwanted and duplicate apps from your tablet.

Delete Unnecessary Files

There will be plenty of personal photos and videos in the internal memory of your device and you might not be ready to delete them. However, moving these files to an external laptop or even to the cloud will certainly free up a lot of your tablet’s internal memory space.

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