The Samsung Galaxy View has pushed the norms traditionally set in the world of tablet computing with its massive 18.4-inch size. The device released into the market in 2015 has become the first choice for users’ solely needing entertainment. Besides its large screen, the Galaxy view is the best low cost Samsung tablet, which promises much more to the user in the area of performance and battery life. The Galaxy View is one of the best low cost Samsung tablets, built for video that makes it a possible replacement for TV. Below are few reasons why you should go for the Samsung Galaxy View tablet.

Massive Full HD Screen

The Galaxy View’s large display measures 18.4 inches that provide a Full HD display resolution of 1920×1080. The images displayed on the screen are impressive and rich, thanks to Samsung’s superior display technology. According to Samsung, the screen layout of the Galaxy View is specially optimized for video. The innovative home screen layout that enables all videos along with the presence of two 4W stereo speakers makes the Galaxy View a true built for video tablet.

Excellent Battery Backup

Since the Galaxy View is primarily intended for watching videos, Samsung has included a battery that provides exceptional battery backup. The 5,700-mAH battery of the Galaxy View offers good backup that enables playback of videos continuously for eight hours. This has made it ideal for watching videos without the need for frequently recharging the battery.

Handle and Back Stand

The inclusion of a handle and back stand has made the Galaxy View the most portable big screen tablet. The back stand provides support to the tablet while placed on a surface to offer a good viewing angle for watching videos. The rear case having the back stand also includes a handle that makes carrying this 2.65 kg tablet easier.

Powerful Processor

A 1.6 GHz Exynos 7580 octa-core processor along with 2 GB of RAM powers the Galaxy View. This processor offers sufficient performance that enables it to handle high definition videos and games with ease. Furthermore, the solid performance of the processor provides the user with excellent multitasking abilities.

Linking Game Controllers

The large display of the Galaxy View makes it ideal for serious mobile gaming. The tablet also offers connecting gaming controllers. The Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connection of the tablet enables wireless linking while the micro-USB port is useful for a wired connection.

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