The launch of tablets and smartphones has opened enormous opportunities for all of us. These devices allow us to capture stunning photographs, watch movies, play games, access social media platforms, and do a lot more. There are plenty of useful applications in Play Store and iTunes, which we use on a daily basis.

It might not come as a surprise when many analysts claim that there are certain applications, which helps you to boost the productivity of your business. If you never knew that, here are a few incredible tablet applications that every employee should install on their device.


Most of the employees doesn’t have access to their computers or laptops while taking important notes. Taking notes on your tablet before transferring them to your PC can be a bit exhausting and tedious. If you are such a user, then Evernote is the perfect solution for you. This app synchronizes your desktop and tablet, and significantly reduces the difficulty of note taking.

Google Drive

Google Drive is undoubtedly one of the most useful cloud storage platforms available to us. However, one of the major disadvantages of this platform was that it was restricted to desktop devices. The launch of Google Drive app has successfully fixed this problem and now many people are using it to store and access data and important information from their smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs.


This exceptional time management app allows you to create a complete list of tasks, which you need to finish off within the deadline. You can also check each one of the tasks after completing them. This is a must-have app for virtual assistants and other employees, who have numerous responsibilities in the workplace. You can also rent low cost tablets and see how it works for your employees.


If you are having trouble to keep track of your important passwords and if you keep one resetting them, then you should certainly use 1Password. This app is an incredible password management service and it safely stores all your important passwords and helps you to save a lot of your time.


This valuable tool is the accurate choice to manage online content. This app is specifically designed for the businesses or companies, who have a tendency to publish a lot of contents on news sites and social media platforms. This app allows you to promote your business on a number of virtual platforms.

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