Nowadays, the percentage of children using tablets has increased steadily. Children are using these devices as a substitute for their day-to-day activities such as learning and play. This has its own benefits since the interactive nature of tablets promotes learning and other skills among the children. However, excessive usage of tablets is harmful in children and can hinder them from engaging in any physical activity. Children are also vulnerable to many of the dangers that are prevalent in the online world.

This makes it highly important to employ the necessary childproofing features in a tablet such as setting up parental controls. All tablet models, even the low cost Android tablets, can be set up with parental controls very easily. Moreover, they contain several inbuilt features that enable one to easily set up the necessary childproof features. Below is how to set up childproof features on your Android tablet.

Creating a New User

Childproofing the tablet can also be done not by fully restricting the device to children, but by letting them access its features in a limited scale. By setting up a separate user account for children, it is possible to allow children to access the tablet and its features according to their age. For this, go to the Settings app and navigate down to open the Users option.

Select the Add User Or Profile and tap on the Restricted Profile option in the window that appears. After this is done, the user can allow or disallow access to the apps. Apps having a gear icon will allow the user to make age based settings in the app for usage by children.

Setting up PIN or Password

Setting up a PIN or password to lock the device is another way to prevent children from using the device. This will ensure that any unauthorized access to the tablet by children is prevented. For this, go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock, which will present numerous options to lock the device such as by a numerical PIN or Password. Type the PIN or Password when prompted to activate the lock feature in the tablet.

Creating Restrictions in Play Store

The Play Store allows to easily setup parental controls for use amongst children. This will prevent the child from making any in-app purchases or download any app in the store. For this, open the Google Play app and slide from the left of the display to bring up the Google Play menu. Select the Settings option, navigate to Parental Controls, and turn it on by entering a four-digit passcode. Each of the app sections can be provided with restrictions after the parental controls are enabled.

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