One of the major problems of having an abundant collection of games and apps in your tablet is that you will run out of both memory and data at a much faster rate. However, if you are Android tablet user, then here are a few simple tips, which help you to cut down the data usage and prevent the memory draining.

Configure the App Settings

Most of the Android applications such as Google+ have a function, which enables the app to backup all your videos and photo while they are being captured. This will cost you a lot of your data. So, make sure to disable the data-sucking feature in the Settings page.

Furthermore, make sure to turn off the to-sync data feature on your tablet. Go to the Settings page and select the Data Usage option, and then find and uncheck Auto-Sync option.

Update Apps Only Through Wi-Fi

Updating your apps through Wi-Fi will allow you to save a lot of your data. So go to the Google Play Store page and select the menu to find the Settings tab, where you will find an option Auto-Update Apps. Click the option and select Wi-Fi Only.

In addition to that, download files, application, and games only through a Wi-Fi network, rather than using a cellular data, as it will also effectively cut down the data usage.

Control Background Data

Many apps might be still running on the background of your tablet, even when you are not using them. To check that, go to the Settings page on your tablet and select the Data Usage feature.

Scroll down to find the apps with their data usage stats. If you feel like a certain app is using too much of your data in the background, then select Restrict Background Data to solve the issue.

Use Offline Feature on Google Maps

It is wiser to download maps before you start traveling. Google Maps application has an offline feature, which will enable you to find your destination even when you don’t have an active internet connection.

Type in your destination and type in OK Maps on your search bar to download the route, which you can later use when you are traveling. Here too, make sure to do this by using an active Wi-Fi connection rather than using mobile data.

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