Users of iOS 9 might feel that the operating system is very fast and responsive, but you should understand that with a few simple tricks, you could make the OS even faster. The best way for that is to disable system animation and by disabling the system animation, you can see that the apps open and close very fast, so that you will not have time to take your finger from the screen of the device.

There are many hacks that can help you improve the speed of your Apple device, but doing so will void the warranty of the device. This is the reason many of us accept the default animation of the system, which is slow when compared to iOS without animation.

The steps that are explained below are for those iOS users who do not like jailbreaking the OS. Doing these steps will not void the warranty of the device and will surely improve the speed of the same.

The steps to disable stock animation on the iOS 9 operating system are explained below. You should understand that restarting the iOS device would restore the stock animation, so you will have to do the steps again after a restart if you wish to turn off the system animation.

  • Click on the Settings app to open it and then tap on the General After that, select Accessibility.
  • You will need to select Assistive Touch under the next set of option, and then tap on the Toggle button to enable the feature.
  • Now you will need to return to the Home screen and then drag the AssistiveTouch button that is located on the bottom right corner of the display.
  • Next, swipe down on the screen to enter Spotlight. Now you need to swipe back up to dismiss it.
  • Repeat the steps for about twenty times, and you will disable the system animation on your iPad device.

“For those that have still not gotten it to work… Start off with the assistive touch button in the right hand lower corner of the screen. Every time you slide down in spotlight search, make sure you wait for the assistive touch button to move on top of the keyboard and continuously repeat steps 3 and 4,” explains Reddit.

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