Most of the students love to use electronic gadgets such as tablets and smartphones. The convenience and ease of access offered by tablets have urged to us buy portable devices, rather than settling for a traditional PC.

It is evident that a number of students would need to use different applications, not just for entertainment, but for educational purposes too. If you were looking to install some, below are a few Android applications that are incredibly useful for educational purposes.


This app allows you to scan various documents such as homework, study guides, registration forms, and lecture notes. You can then save these documents on your device for future use.

Andie Graph

Andie Graph is an underrated calculator application. The features offered by this application allow you to use it as a completely functional graphing calculator. If you are a math student, then you should certainly use this app.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an office suite and cloud storage tool, which enables you to save your important documents securely. It offers approximately 15 GB of free storage space, which allows you to upload and share your documents with your classmates easily.


Evernote is an exceptional note taking application, which allows you to create your own notes and to organize them in an effective way. This app is also compatible with almost all computers, which will help you to transfer the documents easily.


LectureNotes is another note talking application, which is specifically built for users who have tablets or smartphones with a stylus. Many users consider this app as the best handwriting note-taking app.

RealCalc Plus

This app can be used as a scientific calculator and it is an accurate choice for the students, who don’t like to use Andie Graph. This application is effective and it has all the necessary basic functions, which will help you to get through the math class.


Todoist is an incredible Android application, which helps you to stay organized. The app has an easy day based interface, which will remind you of the important tasks that you are meant to do every single day.

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