There is an unheard story that made a nigh-saturated company into a smartphone giant. The story goes that the former chairman Kun-Hee Lee took a bold step to reinvent Samsung in 1995. One may call this borderline crazy today, but Lee ordered his staff to destroy cases and screens of what he thought to be “schlock” appliances.

Breakthrough CDMA Phone (1996)

Samsung was the first company to try the CDMA model. In 21 years and something, we have fast tracked to a whole new world of speedy gadgetry, with most of them being fastidious Android devices. However, the SCH-100 was more of walkie-talkie device featuring “alphanumeric” keypad. Instead of “Start Call” and “End Call”, it had the words “Send” and “End” marked on it.

Intuitive Gear Watch World’s First

Samsung SPH-WP10 could double-back as a phone once you remove the watchstraps. The fun fact lies on the fact that there were “voice commands” for dialing alongside a backlit LCD. Such kind of “gear watch” was a distant reality until the turn of the century, but for the inventive Samsung, we got a glimpse of what to come in 1999.

World’s First Smartphone Maker

For the 2001 United States, to be on a budget meant to get a hold of SPH-i300 the first-ever Personal Digital Assistant phone. A successful spree of PDA phones for a decade meant that a jump to Android and beyond was perfectly possible. Even now, the gadgets that make the moves are available on a budget for the modern day tech geek.

Marketing Pioneer in the World of Smartphone

Samsung had shown the doors for marketers to embrace customer feedback and prompt action. In 2013, the money Samsung spend for aggressive advertising was a whopping $4 billion and that too, in addition to a $5 billion for marketing. The results are there to be seen though; a competitive market with major players fully awakened to the prospect of pushing their products instead of playing the waiting game.

You can be a patron of Samsung or the lover of budget imitation products. Having said that, no one can deny what went into the making of all the low cost Android tablets that we see in the market today. Samsung has a wide range of tablets that cater to the varied needs of every type of users. If you haven’t got one yet, it’s high time to buy a Samsung tablet today!

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