Quick Fixes to Prevent Netflix Crash on Android Tablets

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Quick Fix For Netflix Crashing

Netflix, a popular video content streaming service online, airs various movies and other shows live on Android tablets, iPad tablets, or a smartphone featuring either platform. Users can also access many on-demand shows in their respective device through Netflix app and watch them as long as the application is working smoothly. The app uses encrypted password and username, even as Netflix lets an Android user download a movie and save it to offline mode.

When the Netflix app becomes unresponsive, however, even offline contents become void. The following quick fixes, on the other hand, would make Netflix responsive in Android tablets without any further annoyance.

Keep Netflix App Up-to-Date

Go to Google Play Store in Android, tap on My Apps & Games, find Netflix and click on Update. If latest updates are available, then you can proceed with this quick fix, else the option won’t show up if your app is up-to-date. Once it is tried, launch the Netflix app as usual. Do remember that running an up-to-date app is a common thing for all Android apps, let alone Netflix.

When Netflix Becomes Unresponsive

Toggle through to Settings > Apps or App Manager on your Android tablet and tap on Force Stop to resolve the Netflix app in stock Android. Meanwhile, some users have tablets with custom UI or a different version of Android and those may show as Force Close. Unresponsiveness can be a user generated problem sometimes, and closing the app and restarting it may fix the issue.

Clear App Cache alongside App Data

Toggle through to Settings > Apps or App Manager on your Android tablets tap on Netflix and then tap on Clear Cache. Note that clearing data alongside cache would delete the offline content and other information stored in the Netflix app such as the Username and Password. However, if you have already watched the offline videos and know your login credentials, clearing the data won’t be a problem.

If nothing works, you should uninstall the app and re-install it. To remove the app, tap and hold on the Netflix icon in the Apps screen until the Uninstall pop-up appears. Drag the app icon to the field to uninstall the program. After that, restart the device and go to Google Play Store to download Netflix anew.

Further, if this last resort won’t resolve the unresponsiveness for you, contact team Netflix on Google Play Store to get technical assistance.

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