Three Android Tablets for Kids and Caring Parents

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Branded tablets are available for people of all age group, and parents often keep applications limited using apps such as the “Kids Mode”. But that is not it! To delight kids, parents may also want to check out the best low cost tablet offering tons of features to their kids. Here are three amazing tablets for children and their inevitable features tweaked for the year 2017.

Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids Edition

The Amazon Fire HD 6 comes in a blue or pink case that is chunky on the lightweight tablet. The tablet incorporates a 1280 x 800 IPS Display into its 6-inch screen, clear enough for kids to view content. There is also a “Fire for Kids” application that limits certain activities for children under 8 years old in particular. Matured kids may spend time reading on the Fire HD, and being a parent, you can even calculate the amount of time spent reading.

Asus ZenPad S 8.0

The ZenPad S Z580CA comes with Android Lollipop OS up-front. This is the best low cost tablet out there and it gives parents an opportunity to maintain two user accounts simultaneously. The design aspect of ZenPad S is modest but the in-app features allow tweaks for the kids. Six hours of battery life is what Asus ZenPad S 8.0 offers, and carrying a charger would be a good idea in case you want to take kids games to the road.

Amazon Leapfrog Epic

The name “Leapfrog” says it all. The chunky little tablet occupies the kindergartens with Android applications. The 7-inch tablet also gives something to jumpstart for the kids, games mostly. The hued colors are something that kids may find least amusing, but there is a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels in the Amazon Leapfrog Epic that makes it special. The tablet has also implemented the timely “multiple profiles for kids”.

Apparently, security features such as “Kids Mode” have been with cheap Android tablets for up to 2 years as of now. Kids Mode is available in Samsung, whereas other brands have come up with their own concepts to allow safe usage for parents. These are some of the best low cost tablet options based on the kid-friendly criteria. However, there are other branded tablets available too for the caring parent that you can try.