A Review of Google Pixel C

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Google Pixel C

The search engine giant Google released their premium tablet, the Pixel C, back in 2015. The release of this tablet was highly anticipated since Google proclaimed it the “the most advanced Android tablet ever”. It comes with a robust and eye-catching design along with the inclusion of premium features that makes it a worthwhile competitor to all other flagship models by major manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, etc.

In this review, let us examine some of the key features and specifications of the Google Pixel C and verify if it truly stands up to the expectations of the users.


Enclosed in an all-metallic frame, the Pixel C is designed quite well and offers a more premium feel. Weighing around 517 grams, the tablet is comfortable to hold in the hands while also providing sufficient grips. Built out of anodized aluminum, the chassis of the Pixel C gives the tablet excellent durability. This makes it perfectly resistant to the wear and tear as well as accidental drops, which commonly occur in daily usage.

The back of the tablet consists of a slim band of LED that glows with the trademark colors of Google when the device is turned on. The speaker grilles are located on both sides as well as the power and volume buttons that are positioned on the top edges. A USB C-type port is located on the bottom edge of the device. Overall, the built quality offered by Google in the Pixel C is commendable.


Pixel C consists of a 10.2-inch display with a 2560 x 1800 resolution. With 308 pixels per inch, the display of this tablet offers excellent sharpness and color reproduction. It displays 97.3 percent of the RGB color gamut, which leads to an accurate rendition of color and detail. Along with excellent viewing angles, the display of the Google Pixel C tablet is great. Yet again, it is considered second to Samsung’s AMOLED display technology and Apple’s Retina display.

Processor and Performance

Powered by Nvidia’s Tegra X Octa-Core 11.7 GHz processor, Pixel C manages to offer exceptional performance, especially in multitasking. Along with the Maxwell GPU and 3 GB of RAM, the Google Pixel C device manages to put forward solid performance especially while running high-end applications and games. It, however, fails to impress the user with the performance and falls behind Sony’s impressive offering with the Xperia Z4 and Apple’s iPad devices in many expert benchmark tests.