How to Turn Off a Frozen Android Tablet

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Frozen Android Tablet

Tablets are prone to a host of issues ranging from simple to complicated ones. Such common issues occur in almost every model of various major tablet brands and cause the device to function inappropriately. Freezing is one such issue that is reported by most of the Android tablet users.

Freezing of tablets is caused by certain glitches in the operating system that causes the entire device to hang up and not respond to any of the inputs and commands given by the user. Turning off a frozen tablet can also be difficult while it is in a frozen state due to the unresponsiveness showed by the device. Still, restarting the device is one of the preferred ways to begin troubleshooting the issue. Below is how to turn off a frozen Android tablet and restart it.

Identifying the Issue

Freezing issues in tablets can be caused by many factors such as an unresponsive app or too many apps and widgets running in the background. This can cause the device memory to become full, thereby making the tablet much slower in performance and eventually come to a halt.

To check that, you need to verify the operating system first and see to it that it is running the latest version. This is because an older operating system might not be compatible with certain recently developed apps or programs.

Using the Power button

The Power button also known as the Sleep/Wake button can be used normally to turn off the tablet. Some of the tablet models also offer the option to initiate a restart or shut down of the device when you hit the Power button. Use the Restart option if it is displayed on the tablet. If not, hold the Power button down for about 15 to 20 seconds to restart the device.

Follow the same rule of holding down the Power button in case the tablet remains unresponsive for a long time. This will force the device to enter into the shutdown mode.

Performing Hard Reset

Carrying out a hard reset is another effective way for turning off a frozen tablet. It can be performed by pressing the Power button for a few seconds in some of the tablet models. In some tablet models, there is a small hole located on the back or side of the device that contains the hard reset button for resetting the device. You can use a paper clip or any thin material for inserting into the hole and press the hard reset button. This will cause the tablet to turn off and reset.

In most cases, the freezing does not affect the display and its touchscreen functionality. This can occur if the freezing issue is caused by a misbehaving app. In this case, use the normally used shut down method such as by pressing the Power button and tapping on the Turn Off option displayed on the screen.

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How to Manually Update Android Nougat in Galaxy Tab S2

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Manually Updating Android Nougat

Attention to detail helps to update Android Nougat manually on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, and on other new Android tablets. Firstly, before updating to Android Nougat, back up the data in the not so cheap tablet and maintain 60 percent battery. Note that the Galaxy Tab A 9.7 inch tablet, which was released two years ago, would also get a Nougat update soon. Below is how to update the Galaxy Tab S2 released this year to Android Nougat build manually.

  • In your Galaxy Tab S2, navigate to Apps > Settings > General > About Tablet and then scroll to and tap on the Build Number seven times to enable Developer Options.
  • After enabling Developer Options, select activate USB Debugging option and tap on the OEM Unlock

Unlocking the USB Debugging lets you connect the Galaxy Tab S2 to the PC and enabling OEM Unlock unlocks the bootloader on Galaxy Tab S2. If you don’t enable the OEM Unlock option, your device OS may become bricked, so proceed to the next steps only after enabling that hidden feature in Android.

  • Download the stock firmware from your Tab S2. Now download the Odin tool and extract the zip file 10.7.exe in your PC.
  • Run the extracted 10.7.exe file and connect the Galaxy Tab S2 to the PC using the USB cable. Now shut down the tablet to access the Odin/Download Mode.
  • Press and hold the Home button, Volume Down button, and Power button simultaneously until the Odin Mode view pops on the tablet screen.

If you see ID: COM in the Odin tool with an added message in the Odin Message Box, then that means the Odin tool recognized your Galaxy Tab S2 properly. If the ID: COM doesn’t show in the Odin tool, then that means your USB driver needs to be updated or you should establish a connection between the PC and Galaxy Tab S2 with a different USB cable.

  • When detected in the Odin tool, locate the stock firmware file with .tar or .md5 file extension, and add the same to the AP/PDA tab in Odin
  • After that, check the Auto Reboot and Reset Time only in the Odin tool.
  • Click Start button in the Odin tool and wait until Pass message screens on the Odin tool to finish updating Android Nougat 7.0 in Galaxy Tab S2 manually.
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Steps to Synchronize Android Tablet with Google Drive

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Synchronizing Android Tablet

Android tablet users are offered with the means to synchronize their files between with Google Drive. It is a free cloud storage service offered by Google that allows the user to save and share their data across multiple devices such as tablets, smartphone, and computers. However, accessing this saved data requires the Google Drive software installed on the corresponding device.

Google provides 15 GB of free storage space for the users, which is ideal for storing many important data that requires constant accessing. Synchronizing the tablet with Google Drive is an effective way to store and access the data on multiple devices. Besides, users can also synchronize the files between the tablet and a computer. This allows the user in synchronizing the files and folders stored on the drive with the computer. Below are the steps in synchronizing the Android tablet with Google Drive.

  • For synchronizing the tablet with the Google Drive, the tablet must already have the Google Drive app installed. If not available, you can download it free via the Play Store. A desktop version of the Google Drive software is required for synchronizing the files between the tablet and a computer. This is also available free on the internet.
  • After it is installed on the tablet, open the Google Drive app located in the apps drawer. Accept the terms and service if it is displayed on the screen. This will bring up the home screen along with the listing of the files and folders in the drive.
  • Tap on any of the icons for opening a folder or in viewing a file. This files and folders can then be used to save any of the data. For uploading the data from the tablet tap on the Add button which is indicated by a plus symbol.
  • Select the Upload option and locate the files that you wish to upload into the drive. Select the files that you want to upload in the pop-up window. Now select Open and you are done. The uploaded files can be viewed in the My Drive section of the app.
  • The Share icon that is located in most apps can also be used to save data to Google Drive. For this, tap on the Share icon and select Drive. Fill up the Upload to Drive information and tap on the OK button for saving data to the drive.
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How to Fix AirDrop Errors in iOS 10

IPad Tablets

Fixing AirDrop Errors

To use AirDrop, users should have iOS 7 or later, should turn on either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and must keep Apple iPad in close range with an Apple device having iOS compatibility. Apple AirDrop is an ad-hoc service that works not only on iPads, but also on Mac PCs and iPhones. In fact, AirDrop lets Apple patrons transfer media in between iOS devices without having to use external storage. Just open Control Center and tap on AirDrop to receive media files from in and around nine meters range.

However, many users complain that the AirDrop feature runs into errors in their iPads powered by iOS 10. If you are experiencing such issues too, below is how to fix AirDrop errors in iOS 10.


First, turn off and restart the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Then, proceed to force restart the iOS device by holding down the Sleep/Wake button. In addition, you should log out and log in to the iCloud service as well.

Access Settings > iCloud, and once you log out from iCloud, restart the iPad tablet. When the device reboots, navigate the same path – Settings > iCloud – and log in again through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Note that using the latest iOS version tends to fix AirDrop errors as well and lets you use the feature without any hitches. If you have tried that, and still nothing works, try resetting the wireless network settings via Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings and see if the AirDrop issues are fixed.

Remember that resetting the wireless network settings would reset used passwords, cellular settings, including the VPN/ APN settings, which you may have used before the error occurred. So it would be better to note down the wireless network settings credentials before resetting the network.

Contact Apple Service

The easiest way to reach out for solutions for errors in iPad tablets is to go to Apple Discussions and put up your complaint that you are facing AirDrop issues. An Apple patron might query you back with a solution for AirDrop errors in Apple iOS.

If you feel that it is taking too long for your issue to be addressed, get in touch with an Apple Care representative and ask for technical assistance.

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Troubleshooting Commonly Occurring Issues in Nexus 9 Tablet

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Troubleshooting Commonly Occurring Issues

Build by HTC and powered by Google’s powerful Android platform, the Nexus 9 is one of the best tablets available today. It combines exceptional design and performance with the flexibility of Android that brought forth a renewed experience to the users. Nexus 9 is a highly successful tablet that has sold many units across the world and is available through many cheap tablets for sale sites as well. However, just like other tablets, the Nexus 9 is also prone to a range of common issues. Below are some ways to troubleshoot these commonly occurring issues in the Nexus 9 tablet.

Longer Charging Times

Most users have reported that the Nexus 9 takes a lot of time to fully charge, which is much longer than the prescribed charging time of the tablet. This issue can be attributed to a number of reasons besides the battery life of the device. Some ways to troubleshoot this issue are as follows.

  • Make sure to use the correct charger and cable that was made for use in the tablet. Using the wrong charger can lead to slower charging as it produces a different voltage than what is needed for the tablet.
  • Ensure the charger is properly connected to the power source and the device is firmly plugged in.
  • Connect the tablet to a computer via a USB cable and see if the device is charging. This will help to verify if the charger is faulty.

Crashing Applications

Most of the Nexus 9 users have reported that the device often crashes when trying to open a certain app. This occurs due to many factors such as running background apps, limited memory available, etc. Some ways to troubleshoot this crashing issue are described below.

  • Always keep the applications updated through the Play Store. Go to Settings > Apps and select the application and then tap on the Clear Cache Restart the tablet after this is done.
  • Disable the Battery Saver feature on the device by going to Settings > Battery as it will affect the performance.

Glitches during Charging

Users have reported a glitch when the Nexus 9 is plugged in for charging. During this time, the tablet remains unresponsive and a launcher crash message appears. For troubleshooting this issue,

  • Open the Google application and go to Menu > Settings > OK Google detection and uncheck the Always On
  • You also need to ensure that the tablet software is up to date. For this, go to Settings > About Tablet > Software Update and perform the necessary updates on the device.
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Troubleshooting Common Issues in Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

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Sony Xperia Z2

The Sony Xperia Z2 tablet is an excellent package of solid performance and design. Its ultra slim body houses powerful features such as an impressive display, processing power, and innovatively laid out design that make it an ideal tablet for entertainment and productivity uses. However, like all other tablets available in the market, the Xperia Z2 is also prone to numerous issues that range from small to major ones. Below are some of the most commonly found issues in the Xperia Z2 tablet and possible ways to troubleshoot the device.

Touchscreen Malfunction

The Xperia Z2’s touchscreen is prone to numerous issues such as unresponsiveness to touch, unresponsive lock screen, and inconsistent functioning of the double tap to wake feature. Some of the ways to troubleshoot the touchscreen problems are as follows.

  • Analyze the touchscreen of the device by using Settings > About Device > Diagnostics > Test Device. Run the touchscreen test to bring up any potential issue with the display and ways to fix them. Download the Sony Xperia Diagnostics apps from the Play Store for tablets that don’t have this inbuilt feature.
  • Another troubleshooting method is by using the Sony PC Companion Connect the tablet to the computer and run the PC Companion software for repairing any of the issues.
  • Carry out a full-scale software update of the tablet. This will resolve most of the issues associated with the touchscreen.

Performance Lags

The Xperia Z2 occasionally encounters a slight decrease in the performance that results in the device to lag and freeze. Some ways to troubleshoot this issue are as follows.

  • Enter into the Stamina Mode feature and uncheck the box located at the bottom portion of the menu. This will limit the performance of the device, which can improve any lagging issues.
  • Close of all unnecessary programs that are running in the background as it uses too much RAM. Uninstall applications that are not used for a long time.
  • Carry out a factory reset of the tablet for cleaning the device of all clutter. However, this includes reinstalling all the applications or else the issue can pop up again.

Audio Issues

The Xperia Z2 is prone to certain audio issues while using certain applications. This can be due to various trivial issues and be solved by troubleshooting.

  • Go to Settings > Sound > Sound Effects and disable the individual settings. Change the sound enhancement settings to verify if this is causing the issue.
  • Clear the cached data of the apps by going to Settings > Apps > select an app and apply the Cleat Cache and Clear Data This will erase all cache files that can resolve the issue.
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Quick Fixes to Prevent Netflix Crash on Android Tablets

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Quick Fix For Netflix Crashing

Netflix, a popular video content streaming service online, airs various movies and other shows live on Android tablets, iPad tablets, or a smartphone featuring either platform. Users can also access many on-demand shows in their respective device through Netflix app and watch them as long as the application is working smoothly. The app uses encrypted password and username, even as Netflix lets an Android user download a movie and save it to offline mode.

When the Netflix app becomes unresponsive, however, even offline contents become void. The following quick fixes, on the other hand, would make Netflix responsive in Android tablets without any further annoyance.

Keep Netflix App Up-to-Date

Go to Google Play Store in Android, tap on My Apps & Games, find Netflix and click on Update. If latest updates are available, then you can proceed with this quick fix, else the option won’t show up if your app is up-to-date. Once it is tried, launch the Netflix app as usual. Do remember that running an up-to-date app is a common thing for all Android apps, let alone Netflix.

When Netflix Becomes Unresponsive

Toggle through to Settings > Apps or App Manager on your Android tablet and tap on Force Stop to resolve the Netflix app in stock Android. Meanwhile, some users have tablets with custom UI or a different version of Android and those may show as Force Close. Unresponsiveness can be a user generated problem sometimes, and closing the app and restarting it may fix the issue.

Clear App Cache alongside App Data

Toggle through to Settings > Apps or App Manager on your Android tablets tap on Netflix and then tap on Clear Cache. Note that clearing data alongside cache would delete the offline content and other information stored in the Netflix app such as the Username and Password. However, if you have already watched the offline videos and know your login credentials, clearing the data won’t be a problem.

If nothing works, you should uninstall the app and re-install it. To remove the app, tap and hold on the Netflix icon in the Apps screen until the Uninstall pop-up appears. Drag the app icon to the field to uninstall the program. After that, restart the device and go to Google Play Store to download Netflix anew.

Further, if this last resort won’t resolve the unresponsiveness for you, contact team Netflix on Google Play Store to get technical assistance.

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Netflix App Will not be Available on Rooted Android Tablets

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Netflix App Barred Rooted Devices

Reports from several reliable sources claim that the new version of Netflix app might not be working with rooted Android tablets. This means that Android tablet users who have either rooted or altered the operating system of their tablet will not be able to download the latest version of the Netflix app on their devices.

It was recently reported that Netflix has adopted the Widevine Digital Rights Management protocol of Google in the 5.0 version of the app. This protocol prohibits non-Google certified tablets and smartphones and the devices that are rooted from being able to download and install certain apps from the Android Play Store.

Another report suggested that Netflix might not even have used Widevin for that. Instead, they are using a tool, which is made available to all the developers with the help of Google Play Console. This tool is called as SafetyNet Attestation and it prevents the downloading and installing of certain apps to devices that are not accounted in the Device Catalog of Google.

This means that rooted Android tablets and the ones that have custom ROMs installed will not be able to download and use the latest version of the Netflix app. In a recent statement, a Netflix spokesperson said, “With our latest 5.0 release, we now fully rely on multimedia enablers provided by Google services therefore many devices that are not Google-certified, or have been altered, will no longer work with our latest app.”

He added, “And those users will no longer see the Netflix app in the Play Store.” Users who use rooted Android tablets will be able to see an “Incompatible” warning sign in the Android Play Store when they try to download the Netflix app. Reports indicate that Netflix made this decision to prevent and protect people from pirating their films and TV shows.

Results obtained from a recent study revealed that over 25 percent of Android users choose to unlock their devices for removing the built-in apps of the device. Doing this will give them admin rights and enable them to upload content, which the tablet or smartphone operating system normally restricts.

The abundant collection of TV series and movies has made Netflix app one of the most favorite apps of Android tablet users. Netflix’s original series like The OA, Stranger Things, House of Cards, and the most recent teen drama, 13 Reasons Why, were highly appreciated by viewers. The loss of Netflix will surely hurt rooted Android tablet users.

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Two Best Android Tablets for College Students

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Android Tablets For Students

It is back to school season and soon your loved ones will be heading to college. Obviously, they will need a good quality tablet to help them with their studies. Most of the tablets that are available in the market are best for general everyday uses, but college students will need something more from their tablets that would help them get their work done easily.

A tablet has become a must-have gadget for college students, as they can carry these devices anywhere to get their work finished successfully. Of course, we should not forget the entertainment value offered by these handy devices. Let us look into two of the best Android tablets for college students.

Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi

The Transformer series of gadgets from Asus can function as a laptop/tablet hybrid and the latest addition to the Transformer line, the T300 Chi, is providing good competition to the rivals. The tablet is offered with a keyboard dock, which can be a great help for the college students. The full keyboard offers comfortable typing and students can type without the need to type on the screen of the tablet. The device has a 10.1-inch display, which offers a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.

This tablet features a Micro USB 3 port and a Micro USB 2 port with HDMI port, audio jack, and a microSD card slot. The device is offered with a free one-year subscription of 1 TB Microsoft One Drive storage space, which can be real handy for college students. The price of the tablet is 349 dollars for the 32 GB version and 399 dollars for the 64 GB version.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-Inch

We all know that the line of tablets from Samsung rivals the Apple iPad tablets. Experts say that the best tablet for college students from Samsung is the Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch model. It will good for you to buy the device with the official Samsung keyboard case, so that it will easy to type on the tablet. The device features a crisp and beautiful Super-AMOLED display that offers 2560 x 1600 WQXGA Resolution.

Experts say that Galaxy Tab S offers 11 hours of battery life, meaning that students can use the tablet comfortably without the need to worry about recharging the tablet often. However, the main problem with this Samsung tablet is the price, as this tablet is on the pricey side and will cost you 563.98 dollars.

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Why Renting from Wholesale Tablets is Beneficial than Buying New Tablets

Refurbished Tablet

Renting Wholesale Tablets

All of us deserve to stay connected in this fast and constantly evolving world to consume digital content as much as we can. To power this, the technology giants come up with many advanced products that can enhance the quality of living, simplify life, and improve the overall wellness of living. One such device is the tablet, which is a handheld gadget that can act as your window to the outside world. Mobile operating systems like Android and iOS has made using tablets simple, fun, and effortless.

Many tablet users prefer to rent refurbished tablets than buying their new variants. This is the reason why the refurbished iPads and Android tablets are in much demand these days. Let us see why renting tablets from Wholesale Tablets is a far better decision than buying new tablets.

Cost Effective

You save lot of dollars when you choose to rent a tablet. You will use the tablet only as long as you need it and will return the same when you no longer need it. You can use the tablet without the need to worry about anything. A brand new tablet will cost you much more than renting refurbished tablets from Wholesale Tablets. You can use the rental tablet as your own for the duration of the agreement and the best part is that you need not worry about maintenance of the tablet.

No Need for Maintenance

When you opt for a rented tablet, you use the device only as long as you need it and you will never have to spend a dollar on the maintenance of the same. We will take care of the maintenance of the tablet and unless you use the device carelessly and badly, you have nothing to worry. The rented tablets provided by Wholesale Tablets are thoroughly checked for quality and we are sure that you will not encounter any issues while using them.

Get Tablets Personalized for you

Another advantage of renting from us is that you can get the tablets the way you want. When you opt to buy a brand new tablet, you will not be able to compare and select from different brands. Even if you were able to bag a great pick, it might not be the best buying option for you. This is why renting refurbished tablets from Wholesale Tablets is so helpful.

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