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Best Android Tablet Apps for Students

Android Tablets Most of the students love to use electronic gadgets such as tablets and smartphones. The convenience and ease of access offered by tablets have urged to us buy portable devices, rather than settling for a traditional PC. It is evident that a number of students would need to use different applications, not just for entertainment, but for educational purposes too. If you were looking to install some, below are a few Android applications that are incredibly useful for educational purposes. CamScanner This app allows you to scan various documents such as homework, study guides, registration forms, and lecture [Read More]

Taking Care of Your Tablet

Wholesale Tablets You might have spent a fortune on your new tablet, so it will be a good idea to take complete care of it. Even if you opted for the low cost tablets out there, it will always be wiser to take good care of it. The tips that are shared below will help you to take care of your tablet easily. Use a Strong and Sturdy Case It is good to use a strong and sturdy case to protect your tablet. The case should be strong enough to protect your tablet, sturdy enough to prevent the tablet from [Read More]

Few Tips to Cut Down the Data Usage on your Android Tablet

Android Tablets One of the major problems of having an abundant collection of games and apps in your tablet is that you will run out of both memory and data at a much faster rate. However, if you are Android tablet user, then here are a few simple tips, which help you to cut down the data usage and prevent the memory draining. Configure the App Settings Most of the Android applications such as Google+ have a function, which enables the app to backup all your videos and photo while they are being captured. This will cost you a lot [Read More]

Disabling System Animations to Improve Performance of iOS

Rent Tablets Users of iOS 9 might feel that the operating system is very fast and responsive, but you should understand that with a few simple tricks, you could make the OS even faster. The best way for that is to disable system animation and by disabling the system animation, you can see that the apps open and close very fast, so that you will not have time to take your finger from the screen of the device. There are many hacks that can help you improve the speed of your Apple device, but doing so will void the warranty [Read More]

What to do when your Android Tablet is not Turning on

Android Tablets Many best low cost tablets are powered by the Android operating system and you turn on the device by pressing the power button. At times though, you may not be able to turn on your device by pressing the power button. This does not mean that the device is broken, as most users think. There are ways to bring back the Android tablet to life when in such a condition. Although the issue can sometimes be caused due to hardware damage, a software problem is the culprit most of the times. If it were a software issue, work [Read More]

Top 3 Cheap Tablets Available Under $60

Rent Tablets Almost all tablets available to us have many functions that satisfy all the needs of modern users. However, there are many tablet users, who don’t feel the need to purchase tablets with high-end specifications and plenty of other exciting features. They might not have the time to use these features or they find these devices luxurious. However, the price of a tablet doesn’t always guarantee satisfaction to the user and it might be difficult to find a quality device at an affordable price. It is wiser to consider low cost Android tablets, especially if you are a person [Read More]